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As a service to our clients throughout Jericho in Chittenden County and as a general service to those with septic systems, Bundy's Sewer & Drain Service provides several important tips for properly maintaining and using your septic system.


• Inspect your tank for signs of sludge buildup and make sure the baffles and tees are

in working order.

• Pump your tank as needed (every 2-3 years for year-round residences, and every 4-5 years for seasonal residences), and keep a written record for yourself or the future owner.

• Compost food garbage or put it in the trash.

• Keep grease can handy. Do not pour grease down your sink.

• Mark your septic system, so you can protect it from vehicles and encroaching trees and shrubs.

• Conserve water; install water-saving devices, such as low-flow faucet and shower heads.

• Use non-toxic cleaning products, such as baking soda to scrub toilets or boiling water to help clean clogged drains.

• Contact a site evaluator if your septic system shows signs of failure; contact your local septic or plumbing inspector if you see evidence of other malfunctioning septic systems.

• Plant shrubs, trees, and grasses downhill from your system to act as a sponge (it will tie up excess nutrients and water as well as prevent soil erosion).

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• Don’t use a garbage disposal. It adds 50 percent more solids to your system.

• Don’t pour automotive oil, cooking oil, or grease down the drain.

• Don’t drive vehicles over the septic system or leach field.

• Don’t use too much water, especially during rainy, wet seasons when the ground is saturated.

• Don’t pour paint or paint thinner into your sink.

• Don’t use drain cleaners and other toxic chemical products.

• Don’t use chemical or biological septic system cleaners which can plug up leach and

ruin your system.

• Don’t wait! If your septic system shows signs of problems, act immediately.