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No matter if you have a single or multiple tank system, our team can handle all the repairs for your Cromaglass

set-up. If you're having trouble with your system, then take a look below at our Cromaglass tips, so you can find out the best ways to keep it running properly for years to come. Contact our team for any questions or repairs!

Cromaglass recommendations

• Maintain service contracts for the state of Vermont

• Keep system accessible for inspections and service

• Keep detailed maintenance records

• Conserve water

• Leave all service work to a professional contracted service agent

• Divert roof drainage, floor drains and sump pumps away from your Cromaglass system

• Make certain that you/your maintenance staff are properly trained

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Repairs must be made in strict accordance with the regulations of local, state, and federal standards. At Bundy's Sewer & Drain Service of Jericho, VT, we have the experience and approval to perform the maintenance on every model produced by Cromaglass.

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Cromaglass does not recommend

• Do not drive your vehicle over the system or disposal area

• Do not flush toxic chemicals: petroleum products, paint, ammonia, or antibacterial soaps

• Do not connect water softeners

• Do not connect garbage disposals

• Do not flush fats, oils, grease, or trash

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